Personal SoulClass – Day 28


Not long after my last post (yesterday) did I actually see just how many changes are happening. It’s funny really, right when you think nothing’s happening in life, little do you know all that’s happening behind the stage!

I found out that my team is definitely receiving a replacement BEFORE my birthday. Meaning, Management actually spoke to my boss and told him YESTERDAY that they will be replacing me due to x y and z reason. Who knows what they actually told him but I doubt they told him the truth which is…she doesn’t want to work here!

But I digress…do you guys understand what I’m saying right now? BEFORE my birthday! Which is exactly what I wrote down in my first post when I said, I want to quit my job BEFORE my birthday. This is pretty big. It means that I wrote it down that I don’t want this job by the time of my birthday and guess what? That’s exactly what’s happening. I’m not going to be in this position come my birthday. I am going to have a better suited job for me and be so much happier on my path by then! And yesterday I saw the evidence of that.

It just proved to me that you can be doing all the metaphysical work that you want, and maybe you don’t see the physical manifestations just yet…but everything is in perfect timing. Things are happening! we just don’t have access to the behind the scenes work that is the Universe.

I finished The Power of Now which is…powerful stuff. No pun intended. It’s pretty amazing and Eckhart Tolle is my new favorite spiritual teacher. It’s funny how you can have something in front of you but never really pay attention until something makes you, forces you even.

For me – I had this book for a little over two years in my bookshelf, but never paid it any mind. Just like I read The Secret the beginning of my Senior year in college – before all the shit happened mind you. But I never really paid any mind to any of it. I understood it all and paid attention only to the surface level and then discarded it when I didn’t see all that I wanted come to fruition….typical human!

My interest wasn’t truly invested in it. It was only until shit hit the fan with friendships, relationships, and jobs that I truly was jolted awake. Yes, awake. I went through what they call the “Dark Night of The Soul” back then. THAT is when I truly started to pay attention and when I found not only The Secret once more, but when I found Abraham Hicks. Once I started listening to Abraham Hicks, it was as if everything started to make sense. There is so much more about Law of Attraction than simply reading and watching The Secret. For me – in my personal opinion – The Secret only covers so much. Once you learn about all these other spiritual teachers out there such as Eckhart or Alan Watts or Wayne Dyer or Nisargadatta Maharaj, you come to realize that if it only scratches the surface. And many of us need A LOT more explaining than the superficial things they explain. Which would also explain why Rhonda Byrne wrote several books after The Secret so as to explain further. However, Abraham Hicks – for me- is where it’s at.

It’s scary but somewhat positively true that even the bad things in our life serve as wonderful lessons. I mean, I look at so many people who are spiritual teachers or psychologists or who dedicate themselves to something far greater than themselves…and these people have suffered so much pain and unthinkable traumas in their lives.

Eckhart Tolle says there’s no such thing as a “bad” experience. Everything, from a higher perspective, is essentially good. And whatever “bad” happens to us, we should use it constantly as an excuse for enlightenment.


I haven’t had unspeakable things happen to me in my life. But I’ve gone through my tough times and my seemingly regrettable moments. But it all led me here…right now…writing this to whoever may read it.

And I think that’s pretty rad.

I’d like to expand more and heal as much as possible so I too can become a healer and help others. Which, by the way, was so not my dream a while back. Even two months ago. I always wanted to be the Latina version of Carrie Bradshaw.

Yeah…nevermind! lol.

Counting my blessings today!



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