What Happened When I Gave Up Makeup For 2 Months

My roommate came home last night and looked at me. His greeting – shocked – was, “why are you wearing makeup? You never do.” His question was due to the fact that I just finished a challenge with myself to not wear makeup for 2 months. This meant going to bars, clubs, restaurants, work and even on vacation without any makeup. The most was an … Continue reading What Happened When I Gave Up Makeup For 2 Months

It’s okay to be unsure

As my college career has officially (well it’ll definitely be official on Sunday) come to a close, I have to look back on how these four years have served me as well as look to the future with some sort of new perspective and insight. Right now, my friends and I are all facing the inevitable questions of: “so what’s next?” “where have you applied” … Continue reading It’s okay to be unsure

What do YOU want to do?

I’m sitting here on a beautiful Monday morning drinking coffee on 5th avenue in NYC and wondering what I’m doing with my life. Too existential on a Monday morning? For me? Never. I just want to say that I’m blessed. Very blessed. These past couple of years have stretched and kneaded me into the person I’ve always hoped I would become. I regret nothing. Yet, … Continue reading What do YOU want to do?