Personal SoulClass – Day 28

So! Not long after my last post (yesterday) did I actually see just how many changes are happening. It’s funny really, right when you think nothing’s happening in life, little do you know all that’s happening behind the stage! I found out that my team is definitely receiving a replacement BEFORE my birthday. Meaning, Management actually spoke to my boss and told him YESTERDAY that … Continue reading Personal SoulClass – Day 28

Personal SoulClass – Day 6

First of all, thank you to everyone who liked/read my post yesterday! It is greatly appreciated and I’m happy to have you all. Yesterday, I came home, cooked, prayed and smudged my apartment since my roommate wasn’t there. I then meditated after taking a shower and lit a candle. I opened up my 7 chakras. Before going to bed, I tried my best to visualize … Continue reading Personal SoulClass – Day 6

Personal SoulClass – Day 2

Yesterday was interesting. Still going through a cleansing process, I feel. I controlled my thoughts more, did my daily affirmations, meditated (as mentioned in my first blog post relating to this project), and went to sleep with the isochronic tones. No miracles yet necessarily. But, with the help of Eckhart Tolle, I’ve really been trying to savor each moment more thoroughly. That is to say, … Continue reading Personal SoulClass – Day 2