To The Men Who Body Shame The Women I Love

Dear men who body shame the women I love: I could start this by asking you bluntly what the hell is wrong with you. But I already know. You’ve been conditioned this way. You’ve been conditioned to analyze and hungrily search for what you want out of a woman sexually; just as much as we women have been conditioned to mold ourselves every which way … Continue reading To The Men Who Body Shame The Women I Love

Starving To Meet Yourself

There was an article featured in HuffPost yesterday which really got me thinking about a lot in terms of body positivity and image. The article is entitled, “Dear Men, Stop Telling Me ‘Real Women Have Curves’”, in which the writer tells us that she once had an eating disorder. An eating disorder which had nothing to do with men’s approval of her or the body … Continue reading Starving To Meet Yourself

This Girl Can

What I love about this new video is that it’s all about women enjoying their bodies and sweating for health’s sake. Nowhere in the video does it mention weight loss or a new fad diet. It’s all about moving for moving’s sake. It’s all about going out there and being active, regardless of how your body looks, simply because you can. It’s about fun, being … Continue reading This Girl Can