Gender And Sex: Boy Meets Girl & The Importance Of Prince

Last weekend, with its beautiful weather and long strolls alone, I discovered¬†the movie Boy Meets Girl on Netflix. I was instantly drawn to it by its summary of a transgender learning about love (bring it on! I’m all ears). This movie really hit me and had me experiencing so many moments of: Yes! I wish we all thought like this! The movie is about a … Continue reading Gender And Sex: Boy Meets Girl & The Importance Of Prince

Women & Male Consumption

Recently, Janelle Monae shut down a Twitter troll who commented on her attire. He told her to stop being so “soulful” and instead be “sexy.” Her response was perfect: “Sit down. I’m not for male consumption.” I love Janelle Monae. Her music, style, message and authenticity is amazing and as me and my coworker would say, “everythang.” Secondly, I could not agree more with her … Continue reading Women & Male Consumption

Finally, Someone Said It!

Upon finishing the novel Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, I can look back at all of her essays and take from them what I will. All that truly resonated with me. At first, I must admit that many of her essays regarding race, her own personal stories, and entertainment had me thinking, “what does any of this have to do with feminism?” but now that … Continue reading Finally, Someone Said It!

Should we cut men some slack?

I’ve been thinking a lot about society and the roles that women feel they have to fit into. I’ve also been reading a lot of different articles displaying different viewpoints on the matter. What really made me think, was the documentary entitled Miss Representation in which the media’s portrayal of women is dissected and pin pointed as the main reason why women’s body image and … Continue reading Should we cut men some slack?

To my fellow women…why you hatin’?!

No seriously! Why are you hating so much on other women!!! Don’t you think living in a world where women are systematically disenfranchised by the patriarchy is difficult enough?! We should be there for one another more and yet all I hear are women saying rude and disrespectful things about other women’s style of dress, bodies, sexual activity and the like.¬† If you disagree with … Continue reading To my fellow women…why you hatin’?!