Unexpected Turns -> Wonderful Outcomes

So, not to go all “New Agey” bullshit on you guys, but essentially that’s what I’m about to do. Yesterday Sunday morning, I woke up to iffy weather, good encounters with old friends, kisses to my niece, and a train ticket back home to the city. I was spiraling downwards with my mood on the train, the bag with my coworkers fish sloshing beside me. … Continue reading Unexpected Turns -> Wonderful Outcomes

When Your Heart Is Breaking

Most great journeys nowadays, start with a broken heart – including mine. And although I’m no expert in the matter due to my own lack of experience romantically, 2014 was no great year for me. Heartbreak doesn’t have to be exclusive to a romantic life, it manifests in many different ways. I don’t think I’ve ever quite been brutally honest about what happened but maybe … Continue reading When Your Heart Is Breaking

The first day of the rest of my life without you

I slept wearing your ring last night. I woke up way too early and remembered that it was not a dream and that I had actually lost you. Yesterday was the worst day of my life and it was real. I wish you were still here. Who’s going to call me their little Cuchifrita anymore? Who am I going to hear sing in spanish while … Continue reading The first day of the rest of my life without you

Puerto Rican Discovery #3 – Not Neither

Being Puertorriqueña-Dominicana Borinqueña-Quisqueyana Taina-Africana Born in the Bronx. Not really jíbara Not really hablando bien But yet, not gringa either Pero ni portorra Pero sí, portorra too Pero ni qué what am I? Y qué soy? Pero con what voice do my lips move? Rhythms of rosa wood feet dancing bomba Not even here. But here. Y conga Yet not being. Pero soy And not … Continue reading Puerto Rican Discovery #3 – Not Neither