To The Men Who Body Shame The Women I Love

Dear men who body shame the women I love: I could start this by asking you bluntly what the hell is wrong with you. But I already know. You’ve been conditioned this way. You’ve been conditioned to analyze and hungrily search for what you want out of a woman sexually; just as much as we women have been conditioned to mold ourselves every which way … Continue reading To The Men Who Body Shame The Women I Love

When Your Heart Is Breaking

Most great journeys nowadays, start with a broken heart – including mine. And although I’m no expert in the matter due to my own lack of experience romantically, 2014 was no great year for me. Heartbreak doesn’t have to be exclusive to a romantic life, it manifests in many different ways. I don’t think I’ve ever quite been brutally honest about what happened but maybe … Continue reading When Your Heart Is Breaking

Before Sunset Quotation:

“I always feel like a freak because I’m never able to move on so quickly, you know? People just have an affair or even entire relationships and they break up and they forget. They move on like they would have changed brands of cereals. I feel I was never able to forget anyone I’ve ever been with, because each person had their own specific qualities. … Continue reading Before Sunset Quotation:

Why I No Longer Crave Multiple Lovers

So I suppose this is new. This new feeling of not wanting to date around anymore or to experience different people and their different ways of loving or to even be disinterested in wanting to get to know the way they each make love and then fall asleep. Learning the different parts of their bodies. I used to want to embark on all of the … Continue reading Why I No Longer Crave Multiple Lovers

Are We Fools When it Comes To Love?

So I washed my hair last night, parted it down the middle and began cutting the ends. Let’s not worry, I’ve done this before and plus it’s just a trim. But while I was doing this casual and frequent “trim” of mine, I thought of my current situation with guys (trust me, I swear I think about ten thousand other things throughout my day and … Continue reading Are We Fools When it Comes To Love?

Am I searching for love or am I searching for a home?

I have FINALLY finished the book, Fear of Flying by Erica Jong. Although it took me a long time to finish the novel, I could not agree more with over half the things the protagonist feels and expresses when it comes to men, sex, love and relationships. I could seriously write my own novel when it comes to picking out all of my favorite quotations … Continue reading Am I searching for love or am I searching for a home?